Welcome to Kripa Hospital

At Kripa Hospital , we provide the highest quality of care and a transformative experience for your healthcare needs. Equipped with state-of-the-art modern facilities and the healthcare infused with expert hands.

Why choose us

  • Standard of Excellence - We demonstrate excellence, integrity, compassion and accountability in our work
  • Empathetic Approach - Understanding the underlying needs and feelings of Patients.

Plan Your Visit

We provide professional, transparent and hassle-free service. Our dedicated team of international coordinators assists overseas patients seeking a consultation, a second opinion, or medical treatment.

Share your reports and medical conditions with us. As soon as you confirm your treatment, a member of our service team will contact you with the best accommodation options.

Unmatched Expertise

Professional approach to the implementation of comprehensive Health.

We have a carefully selected team of highly skilled specialists to provide you with fast, accurate service.

Hospital Stay

Provide a healthcare unit with best in class treatments.
Considering the distance you will travel to seek medical treatment, it is important to schedule it well ahead of your journey. The International Patients Department at Kripa Hospital will notify you when you are admitted and when you are flying into the hospital. If prior tests are required, then they will be scheduled as well.

Cashless Treatment

Pay your bill, either cashless or by cash, prior to discharge. We are partners with several governmental and non-governmental insurance providers, which makes payments faster.

Continued Postoperative Care

Our services are available for you at all times. Assistance will be provided post-treatment for appointments and follow-ups. Our telemedicine team will be happy to address any queries and concerns via phone or online.